About Us

    Bubbly Owl Soapery consists of a mother-daughter team, Joy and Christine Koporc. Joy is a chemistry teacher and Christine is a graduate of Ohio State University started this company from a passion for creativity and a love for science!
    Soap making was an instant love for both of us. Both family and friends who were soap makers taught us the basics of the craft and we grew from there!
When we decided to start Bubbly Owl, we made sure to do everything the right way: All of our products are vegan, all of our oils are organic and sustainably sourced, and our bar soaps are preservative free. We use both essential oils and fragrance oils but the fragrance oils we use are phthalate and sulfate free. All the soaps are superfatted by 8% which means we add extra oils to make sure it is conditioning to your skin. All of the glitters we use are biodegradable and our packaging is made of biodegradable shrink wrap. Every batch is hand made by us! Our goal is to make a nourishing product that you will love using and want to come back for more!